What is in the garden now is what we buy too

  Slowly,  the cabbages are growing in the garden. At least that is what they are at  in November and in Alabama. Which means that somewhere more South they are ...

Time to use what’s good!

Or to use what’s good right now… Squashes are in, and they are not only to be carved to shine. Eat them too! Squash  the food of the fall. This ...

First photoshoot for book!

We had our first photo shoot for our book yesterday and it went very well.   Rose Nguyen is a great director of talents and so respectful. I liked how ...



As people share more meals, we will increase the love and friendship ...

Video: Lamb, the Cutest Animal

Another sneak peek at our upcoming TV show. Why did God choose ...

Video: Stuffed Lamb Roast – 4

We continue with our sneak peek at the upcoming TV series (watch ...

What's Happening

News of Our TV Show

For those of you who enjoyed our Theology of the Table show when it aired last December, we have exciting news: We have been approved to edit more episodes. Those new episodes have already been filmed. So as our other projects at EWTN allow, we will edit and produce them. These episodes allow Theology of […]

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Greetings! We now have a message-design and decided to put it first on a T-shirt. Isn’t it wonderful? You will see that it is full of meaning that can be progressively discovered. There are even designed symbols on the shirt… See what they mean! Now, the fun part: We will enclose a poem-tag with the […]

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2 garlic cloves

Video: Lamb Roast Recipe – 3

Another recipe video in our series of ‘sneak peeks’ into our upcoming TV show. Here, Daniel shows how to sear the leg of lamb roast, and how to roast the garlic while working with the lamb and its stuffing. “In the oven roast the cloves of garlic wrapped in aluminum foil with a pinch of […]

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Video: Stuffed lamb roast recipe – 2

A special treat in our series of sneak peeks at our Theology of the Table TV show on EWTN: Daniel continues to show you how to prepare a leg of lamb for roasting. Put the greens within the de-boned leg of lamb. That inner space is frequently not big enough so make more space within […]

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Video: Stuffed lamb roast recipe – 1

As a special treat as we continue our series of sneak peeks at our Theology of the Table TV show on EWTN, Daniel shows how to prepare a leg of lamb for roasting. Turn on the oven. First we must roast the garlic. Daniel shows you how to prepare the greens with lemon zest. Together, […]

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Meals to be strong

“I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you… Luke 22:15. Christ had been seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: on his road to Jerusalem, the last supper with his disciples. It kept His heart warm with the promise of that encounter. My friend Dominique and his wife were waiting for me around […]

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News from France: I had a breakfast of champions!

No money was involved and no fancy product with the tag “natural” on the package (?). I sat under a tree in the garden, gathered a few hazelnuts which fall in the hundreds at this time of the year and started to crack them between the stones. How much more fresh, organic and wholesome can it get? […]

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This month, create a dinner at your home

Hello everybody. 48 more hours and our travelogue in France begin! Stay tuned! But here is a little thought: Your mission this month could be… To have one meal at home for one to three friends. Keep the meal simple. But make it happen. Decide on a day now and send the invitation to six […]

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Video: Olive Oil and Holy Chrism

Another in our series giving you a sneak peek at our upcoming Theology of the Table TV series on EWTN. In the first part of the Bible, the Old Testament, thousands of years ago, we find a recipe. It is made mainly of olive oil and myrrh, cinnamon, calamus and cassia. This was a very […]

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Soon in France

Monday starts my trip to France. I plan to post about the traveling daily.I will report about tips, tricks and customs that make the difference in feeling better and looking better. I will tell you about the people, the foods, the dinners, and the gardens I shall see. Along the way, together we will savor the good ways of […]

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Video: Olive Oil

We continue with our series giving you a sneak preview of our Theology of the Table TV show. Olive oil comes from that tiny little bitty black fruit, the olive. It grows all over the Mediterranean Sea and now also in California. Even though they bitter fruits, they are used in many Mediterranean dishes once […]

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Last Supper by Rubens

Video: Holy Mass Re-presents the Sacrifice of Jesus to the Father

We offer you a sneak preview of our upcoming TV show. Theology of the Table: The Holy Mass re-presents the sacrifice of Jesus to the Father Everything in our life can have infinite value because it can be brought to the altar at Holy Mass. Our TV show will be shown on EWTN. More information […]

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