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Greetings! We now have a message-design and decided to put it first on a T-shirt. Isn’t it wonderful? You will see that it is full of meaning that can be progressively discovered. There are even designed symbols on the shirt… See what they mean! Now, the fun part: We will enclose a poem-tag with the […]

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Theology of the Table T-shirt with rich symbolism

T Shirt Poem Suggestions

Things are progressing with our project. The new episodes are being edited. We look forward to when they are finished and ready to air. You may recall that we are looking for suggestions for a poem to enclose with the T-shirt. We are still looking for ideas.

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Theology of the Table on EWTN

We are so excited that our show will finally be ON THE AIR on EWTN. You can read about the program and get the schedule on our page at the EWTN site. Tune in at 5:30 PM Central Standard Time on December 5 – 9, 2011. We have spent much time planning, filming, and editing. […]

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