Copy Editor wanted!

Please, help! I am a French fellow writer who need all the help he can get to polish his English.

fountain pen

So I need a few magic hands that can take the worst offenders off some texts.
Where to start? Choose one text in this blog and improve it!

Or ask me and I will send you the article for next week. That way you will always read the news before everybody else!

Maybe you can offer your own posts (underneath most of our articles) !

• People always want tips about how to save money, and yet eat healthy foods.
• We will cover recipes made out of authentic and fresh food. We will avoid dish that involve processed and junk food. We will encourage healthy, simple ways of life, not involving pills and money investment.
• Give us your secrets about how you make dinners special for your family or your friends.
• Report to us what goes on in your garden as the year unwinds.
• When you attend dinners in your area, you can report to our readers about your dinner.
• Let us know how you go about organizing dinners in your area.
• In the Your Dinner section, share with us your beautiful pictures of the dinners.
• Tell us about your favorite restaurant that does not serve fast food.

We welcome your input.

Let us know if you would like to be a copy editor to this blog, and become part of our growing family (You can be part of our family page with the role you are playing).

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