What is in the garden now is what we buy too

  Slowly,  the cabbages are growing in the garden. At least that is what they are at  in November and in Alabama.

Which means that somewhere more South they are ready for harvest. Which means that now is the time in America to buy and eat cabbage. They are at the peak of their nutrition value, they have not be frozen, and they are cheap. Well… cabbages are always cheap.

Cabbages, known to be one of the best cancer fighting foods, are in my opinion best when steamed. Cut them in six or eight pieces, put an inch of water at the bottom of a big pot, cover (!) and boil that water until the cabbage is tender (40 minutes?). They will become super sweet! I even drink the super juice but that is a secret.

Serve them with any cheese or a cheese sauce. If you want to be more fancy, know that the spices clove and nutmeg do well with cabbage. You can add them to the cabbage while steaming or grate the nutmeg over the cabbage once in your plate!

PS: I couldn’t resist to add a picture of the babies in September. They were so cute, then…

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