Start Your Own Theology of the Table Dinner Club!

You can start your own Theology of the Table dinners. I will send you excerpts of talks and you can adjust it to your crowd. The menus will be in tune with the ones prepared in Birmingham, Alabama.

The first thing for you to do is to gather three or four friends around the idea. And then delegate, associate, macro manage! One will lead it all, another cook (he/she must be a good cook), another do the invitations, another give the talk. One of you may fill several of these functions but do not spread yourself thin.

Eating together

You and your friends and family can share dinners just like these

It is important to present it as a potluck. People bring a secondary dish, or an ingredient. For the difficult ingredients, let your chef buy them and ask some guests to participate with a $15 donation. It would be too bad if a guest brought rice when you asked for Polenta.

The potluck concept is so that it becomes a community event. This is not a dinner at the restaurant. It is not snobbish. A sure sign of your community’s spirit is if people help putting the dishes aside at the end of the dinner.


Invitations? Let’s say that your house can sit 10 guests. Invite 20 three weeks before the meal (so far we like the Evite website and Facebook event page), tell them they need to tell what they will bring to be counted in. Two weeks before the event invite 10 more friends and so on until you have filled up all the seats. Each time, people are counted in when they say what they bring.

Those are only a few pointers. More will come. The most important is to remember that you do it to give a sense of community to people.

Maybe can you even couple you dinner with a talk by Daniel Rabourdin in your diocese. Talk to your parish or diocese. Anyway, keep us updated on your event, take pictures and we will post them on the blog!

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