This month, create a dinner at your home

Hello everybody. 48 more hours and our travelogue in France begin! Stay tuned!

But here is a little thought: Your mission this month could be… To have one meal at home for one to three friends.

Keep the meal simple. But make it happen.

Decide on a day now and send the invitation to six friends to make sure that two or three will be there. And set the date two weeks away…

Why is that?! Here is the philosophy… As people share more meals, they increase the love and friendship around them. Don’t we all want that? If we are Christian, don’t we want to create more “may your kingdom come”?

Mother Theresa said, “The poverty of the West is that people do not feel wanted”? And that is true! We are so alone in America. Do you think it is normal that in my street at least four single persons who know each other eat every night alone? It is not.

We all have our pride, our “I can do it for myself”, or “I am independent”. And then too, Facebook, the dishwasher, all the machines in our houses allow for us to be “fine” alone.

But! Our hearts are not satisfied. Our souls are not happy. “It is not good for man to be alone”. Our Creator knows it. We become egoistical; we become mentally ill, we cannot understand the loving relationship of the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What to do? Create community voluntarily. In the past we needed each other to have one cook and the other bring food home. Now we do not need each other materially so much. But we need each other spiritually, to feel love and wanted.

So organize hikes with friends (the Fall is great for that), create dinners for friends that you imagine could connect so that they meet at your table.

Remember that there is no deep interaction required to feed the hungry at a soup kitchen. And it is “nice” to be polite at the office. But to have “His kingdom come” we have to do better than that. We have to care for the hearts and the soul. We have to create circles for people to be known, to be accepted, to be listened to.

And in that, I see two major activities that the Lord himself practiced: meals and walks, not movies and bars. It is at meals that he shared His divine wisdom. It is there that the disciples and the poor felt welcome and cared for. That is what we must do.

And let’s not forget: first He fed, second He preached. So again, the meal: when will you have your meal this month? If you do not have a house: when will you help at a meal for the souls around you? Who are the old ladies around you who would love to find a “family” to eat with once a month?

Share with us in your comments how you have seen meals warming up people from inside… Share with us what is your plan for this month.

And do not forget to click on “Get the latest news” on the right of the site to follow the blog as we are about to visit friends in France and see how they eat with each other…

Picture: On Sunday, my friends have not only their five children at the table but also priests and friends. We have the best time together.

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