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Raising tomatoes, Part 3

Ok, do not laugh… The wild tomatoes (on the left) that planted themselves from last year’s fallen seeds are doing almost as well as the domesticated tomatoes (on the right) I am working  at growing… Ah! But we shall see who will win! Those seeds from engineered hybrid tomatoes have theoretically regressed to what were the […]

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Raising Tomatoes, Part 2

OK… this blog-writing is addictive…  I feel like explaining everything I do to get to the tomato harvest. From putting lime in the ground last winter to make the ground more sweet in this acid land of Alabama, to tilling it a month ago after weeding it (weeding is horrible), until planting those  four little […]

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Raising Tomatoes, Part 1

Well, our webmaster Maryann, has convinced me to bring more intensity to our posts. So support me please and punch a lot of “like” buttons anytime you see one…. What will I write about first? About tomatoes. Just because right now they are the most promising babies in the garden, and because fresh tomatoes are to […]

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Theology of the Table T-shirt with rich symbolism

T Shirt Poem Suggestions

Things are progressing with our project. The new episodes are being edited. We look forward to when they are finished and ready to air. You may recall that we are looking for suggestions for a poem to enclose with the T-shirt. We are still looking for ideas.

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