About our Theology of the Table Team

Theology of the Table is a ministry whose goal is to encourage a sense of community and enrich our appreciation of the Mass as a community meal. Our team of volunteers also has a sense of family. We all work together to bring you these dinners.

Here, we introduce the members of our ministry team:

Daniel Rabourdin

Daniel Rabourdin

Daniel Rabourdin

The man with the vision for bringing families and friends back together around the dinner table. He wants to build once again a sense of belonging and community. In this way, too, he wishes to enrich our understanding and celebration of Holy Mass.

Daniel Rabourdin grew up in Provence France. He graduated from the Thomistic school, Institut de Philosophie Comparée and the Sorbonne in Paris. At EWTN, he produces the French programs and on week-ends travels to give talks about Theology of the Table. Watch his show on EWTN.

Fr. Mark Mary MFVA

Fr. Mark Mary MFVA

Fr. Mark Mary, MFVA

Fr. Mark is the (unofficial) spiritual guide for Theology of the Table. He is Daniel’s co-host for the Theology of the Table TV show.

Fr. Mark grew up in Huntsville Alabama. After attending a prominent engineering school in Colorado, he worked as an engineer. Following his return to Church, he entered the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word in 1994. He was ordained to the priesthood on October 4, 2003. He currently hosts the world renowned live show “Life on the Rock” on EWTN.


Maryann Marshall

Web Master

Read more: http://www.ewtn.com/series/shows/theologyOfTheTable/index.asp#ixzz1fgwwKd3L

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