We now have a message-design and decided to put it first on a T-shirt. Isn’t it wonderful?

You will see that it is full of meaning that can be progressively discovered. There are even designed symbols on the shirt…

See what they mean!

Now, the fun part:

We will enclose a poem-tag with the T-shirt that explains its meaning.

With that, we are inviting all writers out there to re-write and propose other options.

If you find yourself inspired, please post your own version and we will integrate the best ideas in a leaflet going along with the T-shirt.

These are the concepts we would like to include in the poem

“The lamb for meekness
 The wheat for nourishment
 The olives for ointment
 The Lys for his victory
 For his Kingdom: the grapes
 Ego Sum Panis Vivus: I am the Bread of Life.”

Now it is your turn to use these concepts to share with us your beautiful poem. We will consider your suggestions very carefully. In the end, we will either choose one version, or combine what we feel are the best parts.

The final version will be included on a leaflet shipped with the T-shirt.

Pre-Order Your Shirt

We know you want one right away! These begin shipping the end of September, 2012. Let us know how many you want and we will send them to you as soon as they come available.

The shirts cost $18 plus our cost for shipping. We are working on setting up a  way to order on our FaceBook page for their sale.

Send us the form below to order your shirt. You will receive a reply with PayPal account information about where to send your payment. Or if you want to make other payment arrangements, let us know on your form. Your shirt will be shipped once payment is received.

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