Fine Art for November, 2011

The fine arts provide us with a flurry of beautiful paintings representing the meals of the Bible.

Take a look. Immerse yourself in their meaning. Then at


it will all come back.

Melkisedech offers bread and wine to Abraham by Rubens

Melkisedech offers bread and wine to Abraham - Rubens

The mysterious king and priest Melkisedek is who Jesus is associated with when He is described as “a priest in the order of Melkisedech.”

Priest and King: what an association… It is one that applies to all of us Christians as we take part in Mass. We are not all priests, but we offer our lives like priests, through the hands of our local priest. This makes us noble in body (the King) and in spirit (the priest).

Last Supper by Rubens

Last Supper - Rubens

Rubens painted the “Last Supper” scene with the same visual structure as his “Offering of Melkisedech” painting.

He had a good reason for this. The Bible is full of prophecies that announce what shall be when Jesus comes. Melkisedech was the first to offer a non-bloody sacrifice: bread and wine instead of lambs and bulls.

This pacification of the offering finds one more higher level when Jesus offers his real person in what has the appearance of bread and wine.

For more information about our ‘Theology of the Table’ show on EWTN, click here.

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