News from France: I had a breakfast of champions!

No money was involved and no fancy product with the tag “natural” on the package (?). I sat under a tree in the garden, gathered a few hazelnuts which fall in the hundreds at this time of the year and started to crack them between the stones.

How much more fresh, organic and wholesome can it get? Since arriving in France I begin my day with this and a chicory coffee.

Those nuts, rich in vitamin E, good oils and plenty of minerals are all energy giving and non polluting for the body.

My great-great grandfather planted the hazelnut tree near our family home a hundred years ago. He had no need for decorative bushes that do not produce a thing! The house is framed with it now: with the trees of the land that produce the fruits of the land. And as a child of this land I eat its products!

What can we plant in America that do the same? Plenty! I know mostly about the potential in Alabama and I planted concord grapes on the sunny fence as well as fig trees against the western wall, (they will not die from the freeze in winter).

The hazel is the tree on the right

Another idea for a breakfast in the land of the free and the brave is roasted almonds in a small amount of organic yogurt. The shelled almonds are roasted in the oven and are far more tasty than anything packaged.

So here you have it: a few good natural virtues topped by Christian ones for many benefits. At least four natural virtues: do with what you have, embrace the land, put in your work, love the benefits. Two big Christians virtues: see the harmony offered by the Creator and embrace it! Benefits: a healthy and fun food for a healthy body and spirit! Be happy, live with Creation, not against it!

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Copy edited by Cindy Cykes. Webmastered by Maryann Marshall.

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One Comment on “News from France: I had a breakfast of champions!”

  1. September 8, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Sounds yummy. Here in the Northeast US, most nuts are not for human consumption. We do have Black Walnuts, though.

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