Meals to be strong

“I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you… Luke 22:15.

Christ had been seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: on his road to Jerusalem, the last supper with his disciples. It kept His heart warm with the promise of that encounter.

My friend Dominique and his wife were waiting for me around a table set in the garden.

When we travel, we do the same. The steps taken on the road can be filled up with goodness if there is the promise of a meal upon our arrival. Instead of being lonely travelers, we are hopeful travelers. Our hearts are filled with charity and love already. We know that somebody is waiting for us. We know that somebody is preparing something good for us. We know that somebody wants us to feel welcome soon.

For Jesus, the Last Supper was near the culmination of His mission, it gave Him strength to face what was to follow: His Crucifixion on the Cross.

Meals will do that for us (real meals, prepared by real friends with real food).

In that spirit, there will be two types of meals: those that send us on a mission and those that welcome us back from a mission. The first will be a magnet of love drawing us into the future. The second will be a spring board of love releasing us from our past.

Dining outside when the weather permits gives you the best environment. When we started the moon was rising over the silver of the olive trees.

With these two meals: I know where I am going. I know that people who love me are waiting for me.

So when your friends leave for a while, have a dinner for them. When they come back have a dinner again. Which of your friends is about to embark on a harder period of life in his/her studies, on a new job assignment? Mark the day, celebrate before, celebrate after. We owe it to each other’s hearts.

No time? Replace three hours of television with three hours of friendship!

Strengthened by His last meal, the Lord walked to Calvary, his friends had helped build up His moral strength, He was going there with the love of all of them given at a meal. And with that meal too He was going to free us from the shackles of original sin. That meal is now the Holy Mass.

So who will you invite to strengthen them with love given?

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