Hub Dinner in Birmingham

We gather at the table

It started with a young lady wanting more community.

The group would be especially for young professional Catholics in Birmingham, Alabama and their friends. I suggested a dinner club. And it took off from there.…

Putting an initial date on the calendar got us excited: One would decorate, another wanted to bring a friend interested in the Faith, another wanted to learn to cook.

the pleasure of table design

On the night of our first meal, I watched the 11 guests around the table with joy … Once again the magic had worked. Each of them was engrossed in a conversation with another. Defenses were down, … and hearts had opened.

A bond was created that could not form in a bar, or even in a church hall.

It was a fine feast — a time to simply take time and be together. From now on we will meet every other month.

Bringing the Raspberry Cheeesecake

Through what I saw in this group, I say to the women in the Church, as I do to all of them in the world:

“Thank you! Go on! Continue with your inspiration.

You are like Mary Magdalene, Martha, and Mary of Bethany. These women inspired, supported, and provided for the needs of the community during Jesus’ public ministry.

You are doing much more than you think.”

Giving a little help.

And to the men:

“Move it! Buy the tables. Improve the kitchen. Become home chefs! We need you to lead, to structure life and homes.

This is your mission. Get in the front seat.”

Many people need a place where they feel welcome — and they don’t even know it! Mother Theresa said that the poverty of the West (that is us) is that people do not feel wanted.

So, start your own group wherever you are! Give life and give love to your city, your parish, or your school.

It is when people are invited to a home that they feel loved. With our help. See the button to ‘Create Your Own’ group on the top menu, or use the form below.

For more information about our show on EWTN, click here.

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