The Book

Daniel Rabourdin is writing a book giving the background about Theology of the Table.

The book documents the concepts of bringing back shared meals.

You read stories from Daniel’s childhood and  family; dinners he has shared with family and friends; and the various groups that started, inspired by Daniel’s winsome ideas.

Theology of the Table offers ideas for your own dinners with family and friends. It encourages you to draw together your family — even extended family — or your friends and associates to enjoy good food and good company.

Underlying it all, through Theology of the Table, you an find a deeper appreciation for the Meal which is the center and summit of our Faith — Holy Mass. Since Mass is a re-presentation of the Last Supper, which Jesus shared with His disciples, you can gain much insight through sharing meals with those around you.

Excerpts from the Book

  1. Intoduction – An American in the Making
  2. Wine as Myth

Feedback on the Book and the TV Show

Watch for release of Theology of the Table in the near future.

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