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Ok… I am going to blow up a holy article of the modern religion here:

Home compost does not work.


Now, let’s see if we are speaking about the same thing. What I mean is that if you consider that the few scratches of food that you save every day will give you enough compost to support a vegetable garden for very little work, you are wrong, very wrong. It will give you a lot of work every day, and very little of the compost that you need for your vegetables.

I do myself home compost every year. I have done it for ten years. What do I get from it? One inch of the stuff. My heap of compost may be eight feet high every year, but all I get is one inch of real compost 14 months later.

Think about it: leaves’ and vegetables‘ volume is mostly made of water and air, if you take those two out, you get very little material at the end.

Compare to a good bag of compost at $2 at the store and you start to think again.

So my conclusion is that this is just one more fad that relieves our quirky environmental ideology conscience, but does not bring anything real to us. Or at least not as much as it might claim.

Instead, here is what I suggest: think bigger; think longer term. It requires some thinking outside of the box. It means doing something that is not what your neighbor is doing. Will you be a free man or woman enough to get off of the beaten path and succeed?!

One day I looked at the city dump truck that specializes in picking up the grass bags. Obviously, they had to bring them somewhere. So I asked them where they went and, oh surprise, they told me. I love America…

Fortunately (or providentially?), they dumped the grass a mile away. Behind the soccer field in a heap that had composted there for 20 years! Imagine the tons of compost!!!

So I went there, and I went there, and I went there – again and again. With my car! No need for a truck. Live simple as much as you can. It’s a great virtue that will bring you far. Now, you may not have the city leaves and grass heap next door. But you may. Ask!

Instead you may have a zoo! I dream of finding a mountain of zoo “compost”, don’t you”? You may have a ranch, a chicken farm. They may be delighted to have you come “clean” the place.

So, instead of making a mess in your kitchen, “every day”, thinking about it all the time and get at the end a measly one inch of the stuff, think big!

Ok, I’ll’ give you that… do a home act of compost if your source is enormous and easy to get. For me it is when my neighbor across the streets PAYS  professionals to gather the leaves in 20 enormous plastic bags (she pays for this, and then she goes to the gym to exercise…). It’s all packed! after asking her, I transported them in 15 minutes to my back yard, under the trees, and turned that heap around every month. I mix it up with some green material to import nitrogen to it.

And, yes, the eight feet of leaves turn into one inch only of real compost. But I worked only 15 minutes on it. Not every day, not with a second can in the kitchen, with throwing it in the backyard every other day or night because it stinks in the kitchen.

So come out of the modern environmentalist religion, (go to the real one offered by the Lord), stop giving money to the salesmen of compost boxes who delight in your gullibility. and start to live real with nature and yourself. You will have a happier tummy and a happier garden! That is real environmentalism!

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