Food Recommendations 1

Here is the first food I recommend. Actually, when and if I go to Whole Food, this is almost the only item that I buy without looking at the price. It’s $1.70 so it is not more expensive than in another store. But anyway, the point is the in that package of pasta we have the best of all worlds.

Organic Whole Wheat SpaghettiFirst, it is made of whole wheat, so you have all the benefits of the germ (more vitamins and nutrients) and of the bran (more fiber … the fiber of wheat is one that is proven to reduce colon cancer). You do not get mostly the endosperm which consists of the starch in the kernel. That starch is the closest we get to sugar in wheat and it’s what carries the most risk of throwing your insulin into an over-reaction. And that is what you eat when you eat white pasta!

Second, this is made from organic wheat. And that, my friend is doubly important when you eat whole food. Because if you keep the bran of the wheat, which means more of the envelope of the grain, you expose yourselves to the possible pesticides that drop on that envelope. So by buying organic pasta, you avoid that exposure.

Third, this product gets us acquainted with the USDA Organic symbol. What is great about it, is that producers that make an effort at really producing organic are awarded the symbol. They are not crowded by the brands that pretend to be “natural” without really being so. So look for that symbol if you really want natural food.

PS: Is there any nutritionist out there that could help me with this blog as a guest blogger?

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One Comment on “Food Recommendations 1”

  1. Beverly
    July 5, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Thanks for sharing my blog (holydelicious)! I’m studying to be a nutritionist, would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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