Raising tomatoes, Part 3

Ok, do not laugh… The wild tomatoes (on the left) that planted themselves from last year’s fallen seeds are doing almost as well as the domesticated tomatoes (on the right) I am working  at growing…

Ah! But we shall see who will win! Those seeds from engineered hybrid tomatoes have theoretically regressed to what were the earlier genetic parents of last year’s tomatoes. And that can be ugly. Normally, they are a rustic kind that is not very good to eat. And the lesson is that it is one more reason to grow organic-heirloom plants, not the hybrid-mutant we are often offered today.

So, I will let the poor children of mutants grow and care of my domesticated plants too…. We shall see at the end how they will both turn out.

One thing about raising tomatoes is that you have to… raise them. If not, they crawl on the ground and pretty soon the FRUITS begin to rot.

Also, when you raise them, they need some pruning… And that is fun… At the “armpits” of the branches there are some extra limbs that appear… CUT them! They would become a plant within the plant and divert the energy that you want to go into growing a lot of normal tomatoes (not huge amount of sickly ones). I know, this is not very clear… Just trust me!

Notice the marigolds in the foreground here… I like to have some colors and pure beauty within the veggie garden. Saint Francis used to ask the brother in charge of the convent’s garden to leave a space just for flowers. He did not want to have it all geared for the productive (vegetables). He wanted some space for the free and beautiful (flowers). He thought that the soul of people passing by would be elevated if they saw God’s best splendor in the flowers.

[Note: the marigolds also help to deter insects]

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