Raising Tomatoes, Part 2

OK… this blog-writing is addictive…  I feel like explaining everything I do to get to the tomato harvest. From putting lime in the ground last winter to make the ground more sweet in this acid land of Alabama, to tilling it a month ago after weeding it (weeding is horrible), until planting those  four little mother plants that you see.

In the picture you can still notice the rows I created first. They will allow me to put the water hose at the top (there is a slope) and let the water run from one plant to the other (irrigation — water engineering, isn’t that exciting, men?).

Then I planted four early season plants from the store. I “cheated” in buying the plants so I get to the tomato harvest fast.

Higher in the row, I planted tomato seeds (you will see their pictures as teen ager soon). This year, I was a little bit smarter and wrote what seeds I had planted and where. I wrote the names on wood paint mixers that I stuck in the ground.

Now isn’t that exciting?

Oh. And when you plant tomatoes, make sure their place has 8 hours of sun a day. Remember always that plants feed on light as much as they feed on dirt and water. And tomatoes need a LOT of direct sun…

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