Raising Tomatoes, Part 1

Well, our webmaster Maryann, has convinced me to bring more intensity to our posts. So support me please and punch a lot of “like” buttons anytime you see one….

What will I write about first?

About tomatoes. Just because right now they are the most promising babies in the garden, and because fresh tomatoes are to die for! Well… what about “to faint for”?

First, I will share how to support them, and that’s precious info. Why? Because it comes from my great grand father. The way I grow them in Alabama comes straight out of the Provence‘s century old tradition.

In the pictures you can see how I attach them. I found this neat GREEN string at the super-store and I attach the plant to the bamboo stick. A simple  knot, like the one that starts shoe tying. But twice. And of course, I tie the bamboo together at the top.

Now you may ask how did I get the bamboo? I found it in the bamboo wood, silly! There was one in my backyard. I saw one in Atlanta near the Golden Trail. And they cut them with one of those scary big cutting tools called a machete.

But if you don’t have bamboo wood, don’t go to the botanical garden to cut theirs!  Get long sticks at the construction store. I recommend them very highly. Around 8 feet. Those tomatoes grow high! As my step-brother back in France says : “Everything is bigger in America”. So get long sticks. Long but thin!

In a few days I will get back with more info on raising tomatoes. Now that I think about it, I should tell you how to start planting those glorious vegetables. NOT!!!  I heard you… I know that they are classified as fruits! 🙂

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