Theology of the Table on EWTN

We are so excited that our show will finally be ON THE AIR on EWTN. You can read about the program and get the schedule on our page at the EWTN site. Tune in at 5:30 PM Central Standard Time on December 5 – 9, 2011.

We have spent much time planning, filming, and editing. Now we can share this wonderful ministry with you over the airwaves at EWTN.

Family at Table

The family gathers around the table

You saw one family on set, but there were actually people from three different families. The father and his children (those who would get along well at the table), the senior couple, and an extra “mother for the day”.

I know, the fabrication is disappointing … but that is what we have to do for television. Not all grandparents are able to eat while a camera hovers over their shoulders.

One regret, though: since we needed wine to be drunk for the camera, some of the guests really drank! Two glasses is more or less everyone’s limit. But with us soon people raised their voices and the “talents” became more challenging to manage….

All in all, we had a wonderful time. And now the proxy grandparents have become real-life godparents for the latest child of the family.

Two hosts between two cameramen

Daniel’s kitchen has never looked so good. But it did not stay that way for long…. Since the studios were booked for a whole year, shooting at home assured us of filming in the year 2010. But our set needed improvements. The cupboards needed transparent doors, so that the viewers’ eyes did not hit a beige wall. Yet fancy  glass is expensive. So our carpenters installed instead a non-glare plastic finish. And do you think they would leave the frames afterwards?! Not at all, for EWTN saves all it can as a good steward. The money comes from the viewers for evangelizing. So the carpenters took back the frames for use in other shows. And I re-hung the old beige doors.

Daniel with designer

Alicia is the mother of our wonderful Senior Creative Designer, Maria Azula Kaczperski. Her daughter convinced her it was a great cause, and Alicia traveled 150 miles to spend five days designing our food presentations. Such generosity! With Alicia, the surprise within the surprise was that she is a cultured woman and she knows to give. She has a sense of the beautiful: Alicia has class. So out of a few oranges and grapes, she would create a masterpiece that could very well become the object of a painting.

At the end of the show, Father Mark saw the plate of sautéed carrots and thought the best use for it was to eat it. As for myself, I had seen it as work, a pretext for a beauty shot. But Father sampled it. This is what Father brought: the notion of not taking work so seriously. After all, work is only work. Along with working, there is the enjoyment of life. Working too much makes you dull, mean and unspirited. You become a worker ant, laboring all the time. You are no longer a fully alive human being and even less a child of God. So thanks go to Father for his lightness of being.

Another part of the set kitchen that needed to change, involved an angle (point of view) totally new to me: the stove obviously had to face the camera. And my own stove in its usual position would have made me turn my back on the camera. So we built somewhat of an improvised stove. It would be a flat-top, built above a wood frame. Since Father Mark would stand on the other side talking to me, the front of the stove would remain hidden. The only problem with the new counter, though, was that when I would chop food on it, it would tremble as in an earthquake tremor. We had to be careful.

Now we are ready to share it all with you. Enjoy our show on EWTN starting on December 5.

Feel free to contact us if you want your own dinners.

Daniel will be happy to speak at your event.

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