Winter Approaches

Cabbages await the coming of winter

As winter approaches, things slow down in the garden.

Here in the Deep South, we can still grow some hardy vegetables through the winter. Cole vegetables, like cabbages, arugula, and kale, some perennial or biennial herbs, as well as hardy greens like sorrel will survive our light frosts. If the winter gets nasty, we pull in the cabbages, but the greens still hang on.

Seed pods

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My arugula lasted all through the winter last year. It’s peppery goodness blessed a goodly number of salads and side dishes. Of course once it started getting warm, it went to seed. I let some of it re-seed, and harvested many for future plantings.
And in my poor shaded bed by the deck, sorrel and chives just keep plugging. It is so nice to have fresh greens to throw in a winter soup.

A number of herbs also stayed green through the winter.

Sage kept right on producing some terrific seasonings for any poultry dishes we served on Sundays.

The parsley seemed to defy the winter entirely. It reached a height of almost two feet. It continued to produce throughout the spring season. Once the warmer dryer weather of summer came, it was inspired to produce umbrels of flowers, then some tiny seed. I am afraid most of those seeds ended up in my lawn. Can’t wait until next spring to see what comes up. 🙂

Oregano, too flourished through our winter, here. That oregano has amazed me from the start. I started it indoors in my Aerogarden, then planted it out in my herb bed. I thought it had died, because I did not seem it for a long time. Then, when I was pulling weeds, I found it hiding under some tall grass. Once exposed to the sunshine, it took off.

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One Comment on “Winter Approaches”

  1. September 22, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    Getting ready to put the seedlings into the arugula pot with other lettuces. I grow them in my lanai to be handy.
    Happy Autumn Equinox to you and all your readers.

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